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Innovative, daring and unconventional thinking

Defining R&D guerilla

What we do best

Gita is an intelligence and cyber R&D boutique which deploys unconventional thinking patterns to tackle sophisticated challenges.

Innovation In Motion

Gita Technologies’ extensive research-and-development division is an integral part of our philosophy of creative problem-solving and constant improvement. Based in Israel, Gita’s R&D branches work together to create integrated solutions to the thorniest problems in the field of intelligence and cyber today.

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Off-the-air interception

We develop sophisticated production systems of complex protocols in challenging areas like cellular, satellite and IP


Forefront of cyber challenge

We harness our strengths in core security research, we stand at the forefront of cyber technology to serve our customers better


Anti tamper cryptosystems

We provide a large range of cryptosystems embedded with FIPS 140-2 level 4 anti tamper detection sensors

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Think you got the Gita FACTOR?

We are seeking highly skilled professionals, team workers with a spark of ingenuity. We offer a vibrant, modern and open professional environment, with numerous opportunities for personal development across a full spectrum of specialties, where great people, passion, and innovation meet.

Core Security Expert

Gita is looking for an accomplished Security Researcher to take part in the research, design and implementation of complex security solutions. As a researcher in our Innovation driven R&D team, you will utilize low-level coding skills, reverse engineering, binary & protocol analysis (both static and dynamic) as well as analyzing security publications to turn your ideas into products deployed on consumer environment, both tactical and strategical.

Technical Skills:

  • 4+ years of experience in security research and security product development
  • Extensive knowledge of C/C++/Assembly, as well as Python/Perl or similar scripting languages
  • Experience using OllyDbg, IDA and similar tools for research and binary modifications
  • Working knowledge of code injection, function hooking and detour techniques
  • In-depth theoretical understanding and hands-on experience in TCP/IP, networking protocols and equipment


  • Elite military security research training
  • Understanding of the inner workings of industry standard cryptography and their implementations
  • Experience developing on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, embedded and mobile (Android, iOS and others)
  • Experience in communications system protocols and design with understanding down to the physical layer (Antennas, RF chains, Modulations etc.)

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Mathematical Expert

We are looking for a talented Mathematical researcher proficient in signal analysis with RF orientation to take part in the research, design and implementation of complex security solutions.

Technical Skills:

  • 3-4 years hands-on experience in algorithm development/signal analysis
  • Experience in field of communication – modulation, FEC, encoding etc.
  • Experience with matlab/python
  • Vast knowledge in the field of cryptography
  • Solid analytical capabilities
  • Quick learner and autodidact


  • MA or higher preferably in mathematics/CS/Engineering or related area – an advantage
  • Experience in C/C++
  • Security clearance

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Full Stack Developer

We are looking for an accomplished, quick learner full stack developer to take part in a small, experienced and Innovation driven R&D team on a rapid, agile development schedule. The developer will be responsible for high-level components on several projects/products of Gita, utilizing .Net technology or any other relevant tools and methods to design, develop and implement applications and services.

Technical Skills:

  • At least 2 years of experience working with .NET 4.0 / C#/ WCF Web Services / WPF – A must!
  • Experienced in client side development (UI)
  • Web service (WCF) 
  • Ability to quickly learn new concepts and technologies
  • Self-motivated, independent, detail oriented, responsible team-player
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related area is preferred.


  • Experience working with Python
  • Experience developing with C++
  • Knowledge of Design patterns
  • Experience working in large scale projects
  • Elite military units alumni  - major advantage!

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Senior C++ Engineer

We are looking for talented senior C++ Software Engineer to join our elite team, researching and developing cutting edge off the air monitoring system. You will take on an influential role in a new product using cutting edge technologies. Writing low-latency, high-throughput C++ routines and libraries, while analyzing enormous amounts of data. You will be learning how state of the art communication protocols work, investigate and implement creative solutions to various problems

Technical Skills:

  • 3+ years of C++ experience
  • B.A. in Computer Science/Engineering or an equivalent degree or military background
  • Excellent design, debugging and problem solving skills
  • Object oriented design
  • Multithreading
  • Knowledge of cellular communication protocols (GSM/UMTS) - Advantage

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Gita's 2020 Challenge!

Challenge the hacker in you in Gita's CTF style online challenge!
As introduced for the first time at AMIT's 81 yearly event, Gita's challenge will continue and get updated all through the year with all kinds of security, reversing, analysis and logic quizzes to keep you busy hacking your way to the top. Gita's online challenge is free and open for all!

Visit the Challenge!


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